Why Yani Loves Her Job Maarten's Caring but Competitive Colleagues Managing Consultant Maps His Career
Web Author Yani tells us about CSS, cheese cake, and why she “luuuuuvvvvvs” her job!
Maarten talks about his very caring but surprisingly competitive colleagues.
Managing Consultant Reinier on his international career with Quintiq.

Life at Quintiq

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Quintiq runs on the passion of its people. We love what we do, and we do it well: we strive to exceed expectations at every opportunity. We work together, and we grow together: we’re all about helping each other to reach our full potential.

We work hard, but we value work-life balance, and each of us defines what that means to us. We’re a global company, we’re growing every day, but we pride ourselves on maintaining the drive and dynamism that brought the five founders together back in 1997.

We invite you to get to know us – discover what we do, where we do it, and why we love it.

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Business Consultant
The Netherlands

“Why do I love my job? Quintiq gives me a lot of responsibilities, I'm challenged every day, Quintiq has a very open culture (managers don’t sit in an office), Quintiq was open to defining my roles & responsibilities based on my skills and preferences, and Quintiq allows and encourages me to develop my skills.”


Senior Consultant

"I joined Quintiq with several years of working experience. However, working here has transformed me into a true "senior". I’ve learned to lead a project without neglecting junior colleagues; I’m able to give them the support and encouragement they need whilst ensuring that the project is running smoothly."


Project Manager
The Netherlands

"I would definitely recommend Quintiq as a good place to work. The projects are difficult at times, which means you are continuously challenged to get out of your comfort zone. It never gets scary though, because there are always colleagues ready to help and advise you. If you like the combination of a challenging job and supportive colleagues, Quintiq is the right place for you."



"My work/life balance has become much better since I joined Quintiq. We can choose when to start and finish work to avoid traffic jams. We can state how many hours we can comfortably work per week and Quintiq always keeps an eye on employees’ work/life balance to make sure we don’t have to work more than we desire"


Senior Consultant
The Netherlands

"I started working with Quintiq software in 2002 as a Quintiq Specialist working for another consultancy firm and was already charmed by and very enthusiastic about the quality of the tool. I decided to join Quintiq in 2005 as a senior consultant because of the enormous potential I saw in Quintiq as a company."



"This company provides solutions to puzzles and sometimes it can be quite challenging. However, after a solution is derived, a sense of fulfillment and job satisfaction is there. I won’t struggle alone, colleagues are more than willing to help, and I'm able to learn, work and have fun at the same time."