Careers & Benefits

Quintiq has grown rapidly over the past few years, and we are continuing to grow, even in the current economic climate.

As we expand worldwide, you can expect many more opportunities to expand your own horizons – into new fields, new responsibilities and even new locations. It’s not unusual for technical specialists to become business consultants and vice versa, or for employees to get the opportunity to relocate to an office on the other side of the globe.

Quintiq management is primarily made up of employees who have risen through the ranks. Positions that become available (including international ones) are filled first and foremost with our own people. Meanwhile, Quintiq proactively appraises your preferences. In this way, we are able to build on the know-how and experience of internal experts who are familiar with our way of working.

Coen recently did a two-year stint in the Malaysian office, as director of the South-East Asian business unit. Read his story:

I’ve been working for Quintiq for over 10 years now, 2 years of which as a Business Unit Director in Kuala Lumpur. Victor Allis, our CEO, had sent out a RFA (Request for Assignment), promoting the job and location for the new business unit in South East Asia. Several people responded, and, after an internal procedure I got the job. The challenge lay in 2 things: become as successful with the new business unit as they are in Europe and the US, primarily focusing on those industries in which we have proven to be one of the best suppliers of supply chain planning & optimization solutions. As I did not know the Asian market very well, I teamed up with an experienced, local business unit director. And as a personal challenge: surviving with my family in a new country and culture. After a couple of years in the post, I returned to work in the European headquarters in the Netherlands. Living and working in Malaysia was a great experience, one I’ll never forget.